Preparations before entering Vietnam

To enter Vietnam, guests from countries including China, Taiwan, the U.S and Europe are required to obtain Vietnam entry visas. Visa exemption is granted for citizens of: ASEAN countries (period stay: 30 days), Korea, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland (15 days).

Visa Application

If the participant is going to get the visa for him or herself in the home country: He or she will need to go to the Vietnam embassy or consulate in his/her country, and apply for either tourist or business visa. The tourist visa is cheaper and easier to get. Standard one: single entry _ 30days. The process will take around 5 working days, and will cost about US$50 depending on the country you are from. More information is available online at the Vietnam consulate website of your country.

If the participant is going to get the visa online via a visa-agency: There are many agencies offering e-visa services for a minimal fee online. You provide agencies with your details. They will then apply for you for a visa. After payment of fees for visa and service, an official visa approval letter will be usually sent to you by email or fax within 2 days. Print out the letter and present it at your arrival at the airport. You will get the visa stamp by the authorities. For a group of 10 or more, it may cost about US$40 all together for each single entry visa.

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