Raffles International College

Raffles International College is a unique education provider specialising in design, visual communication and commerce. We offer high quality internationally recognised Degree programmes awarded by Raffles College of Design and Commerce based in Sydney, Australia. Our excellent education standards were further endorsed by Singapore Government such as Singapore Quality Class Private Education Provider and CaseTrust Accreditation. Besides, our Degree programmes are also accreditated by several Australia Government Authorities that show our strong commitment to high quality standards of education. Our Degree programmes are also recognised by several other renowned universities from Australia and United Kingdom (UK).

We've been around for over 30 years. Keeping pace with industry, we deliver excellent courses and produce graduates who are well respected and successful in their creative careers. We do this by having lecturers who are active in industry, so their teaching constantly benefits from a real-time knowledge of what's going on out there.

We are affiliated with Raffles Education Corporation, Asia Pacific's premier creative design and business education provider with a network of over 36 colleges across the Asia Pacific region, including 13 countries such as Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. As part of the Raffles Education Corporation, there is an exciting opportunity to study part of your degree at one of our other group locations. A big advantage in the global world of design and commerce, influenced and enhanced by local cultures and ideas.

Choice, flexibility and individuality are key concepts for us. We understand that you're an individual and have your own talents, interests and goals. Our programs take this into account and you can structure the course that suits you. Mixing with a variety of like-minded people, small class sizes, a personal atmosphere, space for you to create your own future...these are just some of the reasons to come and study with us.

Our staff - your lecturers and the dedicated team supporting them - really want to inspire you to get the most out of your course. We make the effort to get to know you and encourage you to do your best and realize your potential. Your time with us will equip you with a strong set of skills and the ability to keep learning, enabling you to enter the workforce confidently and continue to grow and develop as the industry - and your career - advances.

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