QHoach.com is the leading urban planning information provider in Vietnam. Founded in 2005, our company is daily serving informations of more than 500,000 real-estates and 300 development projects in Vietnam for some 5 million people of Ho Chi Minh City and other cities and provinces in Vietnam.

Our clients include major real-estate developers such as SADECO, BCCI and RESCO subsidiaries. We are putting extraordinary efforts in bringing all the pieces of urban planing and real-estate development in Vietnam together to better serve our audiences in Vietnam and oversea.

Our technlogies enable people to download contents from the cloud and view them in many channels:

-       Media

-       Android and iPhone apps

-       Web

Our vision is not only to develop our products inside Vietnam, but also to serve other markets such as US, China and Europe, and we are open for discussion about co-operation with partners around the world.

Nguyen Le, CEO

B22, D4 street, Him Lam Residences
Tan Hung Ward – District 7
Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam
Email: [email protected]

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