The main topics of FOSSASIA 2010 are Lightweight Computing and Women in IT. We also have sessions dedicated to and will host a Debian Mini-Debconf

Thursday, Nov. 11

The Spotted Cow Bar111 Bui Vien, dist 1. HCMC(opposite to Happy Inn, closed to Pham Ngu Lao & De Tham) Google Maps

Friday, Nov. 12
Info Day (15-20 min presentations about projects and set up of info tables)
Raffles Institute (Theatre Hall)

Hack Sessions
City Cafe or Hack Office of to be decided adhoc
Saturday, Nov.13
Community Day (keynotes, talks, workshops)
Raffles Institute (Theatre Hall and 5 Rooms)

Social Meet Up
Location in the city to be announced
Sunday, Nov. 14
Workshops and Follow ups
Raffles Institute (5 Workshop Rooms)
Monday, Nov. 15
Mekong Excursion organized by tour company
Mekong Delta
To be decided
Presentations and Meetings with students and professors in universities
Locations in Ho Chi Minh City

FOSSASIA 2010 Tracks

a) Lightweight solutions

Lightweight solutions are currently a strong focus in all major IT markets be it
* in the mobile device sector with solutions like Android, MeeGo, Chrome OS, Symbian, Bada, OpenWrt and embedded Debian
* in the desktop market with lightweight trends with KDE, GNOME, LXDE and XFCE in Ubuntu and derivates like lubuntu, lightweights spins of Fedora, OpenSuse and others
* in the web/browser market offering lighter and standard compliant solutions with HTML5
* or in the server and cloud market with the trend to lighter NoSQL solutions which are more suitable for large data structures
* and in the emerging Open Hardware sector

b) Fostering the Asian community and Women in IT

While most Open Source and Free Software projects are based in Western countries there is an increasing number of projects from Asia. One very successful project with a strong Asian community is LXDE, which is a community partner of FOSSASIA. Nevertheless, the number of Asian developers in Open Source is still limited even though the largest part of the human population lives in Asia. Women are also underrepresented in the IT community. The FOSSASIA team strongly encourages the participation of young women and achieved this goal with an astounding participation of women in 2009 – more than half of all attendees. The 2010 event will continue to support women to become contributors and learn about using Open Source and Free Software with offering additional track space for:

* Linux workshops for women
* Design workshops with open tools like GIMP and Inkscape
* A womens panel on how to collaborate across genders and cultures

c) and Open Document Formats Key Focus

d) Debian Mini-Debconf Asia (Debian Wiki page:


We plan to have up to 4 sessions in parallel with approximately 65 talks and workshops in total for FOSSASIA 2010.

Based on our vision of fostering “Lightweight Computing and Women in IT”, FOSSASIA 2010 will cover the following topics:

Track Topics
Track 1: Lightweight Technologies
  • Lightweight desktop technologies and coding
  • HTML5 and the Web Technologies
  • OSS & Mobile Devices , platform for Mobile devices (Android, Chrome OS, Maemo, Symbian, Moblin, Bada) and software solution for Tablets / Smartbook s
  • Handling larger data structures with lighter “Not only SQL”
Track 2: Growing the community, expanding Openness
  • Open source hardware (Thin clients, Routers,Mini-Computers)
  • Libre Graphics, Creative Commons
  • Free culture communities
Track 3:
  •, Open Document Format and the future of Office
Track 4: Debconf
  • Debian Conference, Mini-Debconf Asia
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